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Colloquially, one speaks very often of electrosmog and means actually electromagnetic waves and rays. These are generated by broadcast antennas, transmission towers or electronic devices. At first one must differentiate between non-ionizing radiation (0 – 300 GHz) and ionizing radiation (from 300 GHz). The ionizing radiation includes radioactive rays, X-rays, gamma rays … they are very dangerous. Non-ionizing rays have a lower energy content and do not cause electrons to be ejected from their atomic shell or even DNA double-strand breaks, but they are no less biologically active.

Relative biological effectiveness (RBE) is a distinguishing factor in radiation biology for radiation types with regard to their biological effects.

The same physical dose of radiation can produce different biological efficacy for different types of radiation.
Reasons for this may be the different nature of the tissue, the different temporal dose rate or the different local dose distribution (linear energy transfer, LET) and ionization density of the radiation.

The RBE is determined experimentally.
For this purpose, the effects of several types of radiation on the survival rates of different organisms are compared.

Similar doses of photon radiation (electromagnetic waves, such as light) usually result in similar effects in the irradiated organism, and therefore have similar biological activity, while irradiation with neutrons, ions or electrons causes much more severe damage.
Electromagnetic waves are significantly lower in their RBE.

According to official opinion, the biological effect of electromagnetic waves is due only to warming of nearby tissues. Thermal energy (also heat energy, but not to be confused with heat) is the energy stored in the disordered motion of the atoms or molecules of a substance. It is an extensive size and is part of the inner energy. The thermal energy is measured in joules (unit symbol: J) in the SI unit system. A radiation field also has thermal energy when its energy is distributed disorderly among the various possible waveforms. A supply of heat increases the thermal energy, heat removal reduces it. Thermal energy is therefore kinetic and potential energy, but with the characteristic of disorderly distribution on the motions of many bodies.

This view – the main effect of electromagnetic waves on tissues is a thermal one –  is wrong, it is based on a mechanistic physics, as it existed before the 20th century.
Athermal effects are more important. They are based on the laws of attraction and resonance. As soon as the frequency or wavelength of a structure in the tissue coincides with that of the supplied and superimposed radiation, a resonance forms, which can lead to a resonance catastrophe. Previously, disinformative and destructive effects are found on the intracellular and extracellular communication of cells and their compounds. This has special significance in the brain, which has trillions of links, its own wave types, programs and their exercise. Almost all of them are disturbed by mobile and WLAN networks.
For example, the pineal glands (epiphyses) of most people are blocked today. This is done by the common negative effects of fluorides, titanium, alumina and barium (inter alia in chemtrails) combined with technical e-smog. This is accompanied by: loss of rhythm, sleep disturbances, impairment of the contact between consciousness and one’s own soul.

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Important statements concern all major civilization diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, cerebral infarction, dementia, Alzheimer’s and cancer. They are all more or less triggered by e-smog. There are clear synergies between material (e.g., chemical) pollution, industrial agriculture, industrial food production, genetic engineering, including vaccines, and non-material agents such as technical electrosmog. Thus, probably:

Hertzian waves oscillate perpendicular to the propagation direction (transversal). Tesla waves = scalar waves oscillate in the direction of propagation (longitudinal). All technology in the IT and telecommunications sector is based on Hertz waves.
Tesla waves are not recognized.
Prof. Konstantin Meyl is the most important representative of the Tesla principles:


Hertz waves have many disadvantages, e.g. can not couple transmitters and receivers, instead the entire world is irradiated with each communication.
This wastefully consumes energy (global warming also has something to do with it), the radiation exposure of users of mobile communications and WLAN and also of humanity is enormously high.

Tesla waves connect, transmitter and receiver communicate exclusively, the radiation exposure is low. Energy transfers are almost lossless.
Nature uses both types: if widespread use makes sense, Hertz is used, e.g. for the light anc colours; when communication takes place, Tesla  waver are used e.g. for the thought language of plants and animals.
A cell phone produces Tesla vortices in its near field, which couple into the brain and have a negative effect there.
Therefore, it is very stressful if you keep the phone for more than 2 minutes to the ear.

Although near-field potential vortices are by definition Tesla waves, this is not described or appreciated. The far field then consists of Hertz waves and stray and chaotic Tesla waves. These are the main burden for living beings and are to be neutralized.

For the purpose of radiation protection, it is counterproductive if Hertz waves are shielded, because the mobile device then increases its radiation automatically until it again has the previous reception and transmission power.

Likewise, it is nonsensical if one wants to measure the effect of radiation protection devices on the basis of a supposedly expected reduction of the Hertz wave intensity. Their reduction is meaningless! Instead, it is about a reduction of technical Tesla electrosmog, but for which there are no measuring devices to this day. Therefore humans are used as measuring instruments and their reactions are tested for a) e-smog and b) protective effects. All methods that analyze biological data, such as heart rate variability (HRV), meridian diagnostics, brain waves (EEG), skin resistance measurements (e.g. of the meridians), etc., are ideal for this.

The RayGuard is based on a technical construction and combination of special minerals and a special metal spiral. The vibrations of the mineral mixture are amplified by the spirals in such a way that they explain the effective radius of RayGuard. The more minerals and the larger the spirals, the greater the radius of effects for the harmonization of the radiations.

New in this is the active power and effect of the minerals, which do not passively wait for the e-smog, but actively intervene in their environment.

“The mineral mixture (MM) naturally vibrates / vibrates like crystals, silicates, semiprecious stones, etc., because they are semiconductors and piezoelectrically active.

Therefore, the MM produces electromagnetic fields around it and constantly emits waves. These are both of the Hertz type (electromagnetic-transversal) and of the
Type Tesla (electromagnetic-longitudinal). They are naturally (like in nature), not biologically burdening, but constructive, one can call them positive.

These waves interfere with those in the environment, with the negative-acting technical electrosmog being the main participant. It is out-formed standing waves which do not move on, they do not reach the body and thus are unburdening for the organism. One can call these standing waves harmonized and harmonizing.

Added to this are the current-conducting spirals (they are similar to DNA), which greatly enhance this effect or process. This is unique with the RayGuards, there is no comparable competition worldwide.

The e-smog rays are thus not absorbed and transformed, but the effects take place in the vicinity of the RayGuard. The neutralization procedure is a superposition with the e-smog, a harmonization by the emergence of “standing waves”. 

On the market there are many small devices like chips against electrosmog. They are energized and/or informed. However, they do not emit natural rays. This means that they will have reduced  effects in the era of *5G”, the fifth generation of the portable radio technologies which waits for us from 2019.

There is no expiration date, the minerals have been living and working for billions of years. Thus, the function of RayGuard products is unlimited. However, unfortunately, it should be noted that the artificial radiation exposure increases more and more. For this purpose, the company RayGuard endeavors to constantly invest in research to continually adapt the products to the new requirements. This concerns in particular the forthcoming expansion of the technical electro smog by “5G”. The RayGuards will have a unique position in the market then.

Earth rays are no longer strictly localized and uniform as before. Today, it is the “Resonomy” after Kubes. That is, they are standing waves by superposition of rays coming from above (cosmic origin, from satellites, etc) and coming from below rays (terrestrial, water veins, faults, etc.). If this takes place in the body, it burdens and creates diseases. Today there are no shieldings (through mats or grids), the human being must constantly flee from the varying waves of the earth’s rays by changing his sleeping position (or his work chair) regularly (for example every 3 months).

The RayGuard does not shield, which would be ineffective, but it is effective in the sense of a superposition and harmonization of the earth’s rays. A complete neutralization of the earth’s rays would be too much to ask, this can not be an existing method today. But neutralization and thus reduction of e.g. 75% is already a huge step forward.

The different sized RayGuard products have different effective radii depending on the size of the device. The RayGuard is based on a technical construction of minerals and special metal spirals. The vibrations of the mineral mixture are amplified by the spirals in such a way that they explain the great effectiveness of RayGuards. The more minerals and the larger the spirals, the greater the radius of effect for the harmonization of the radiations.

A small device is for a person carrying it at the body. Great devices are working on rooms.

Best as close as possible to the body, e.g. as a pendant. Because the body should be released from its burden, not the environment. If there are larger units they should be placed between the mast (if in sight) and the house. Since today there are often so many transmission towers that one can no longer define a direction of the e-smog, a larger RayGuard should be placed in the middle of the apartment.

Each resident should carry a small RayGuard, in addition a large RayGuard in the living area and one in the sleeping area.

Yes, depending on the radiation exposure. Tenements and rental houses with many Wi-Fi / WLANs are the most dangerous.

Yes, on the mobile phone, on the router, on the TV monitor, on any PC or laptop.

Tesla waves can not be influenced by electrically conductive materials. By contrast, by dielectrics / materials with high electrical resistance. These are e.g. Styrofoam and other non-conductors.

A small RayGuard as a pendant and a middle one in the glove compartment.

A small RayGuard as a pendant and a middle one in the glove compartment.

Yes, if the person is dependant or even addicted to electrosmog. Then it can lead to a withdrawal syndrome: especially the nervousness increases. See the procedure of deswitching against electrosmog dependency:


Enter on Youtube: “doepp deswitch” …

In an electrosmog addiction, which occurs especially in children and adolescents, the first aggravation can be so strong that it is interpreted as intolerance. One then has to sneak in, i.e. start with minutes and slowly increase to hours.


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